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We commenced in 1994 as BM Shipping Ltd., being a part of a big Holding Group, named Balkan Machinery Holding. The company owned and fully managed 3 ships for a period of 4 years.

1998 the ship-management company BSM Shipping Ltd was established in Varna. BSM is a direct successor of BM Shipping.

BSM Shipping expanded its activities to full management of the fleet of Balkan Machinery Holding Sofia and Alpha Chartering USA. Among company responsibilities were the operational, financial, technical and crew management, offering flexibility and excellent performance through its well-trained, experienced and motivated personnel.

BSM has a profound experience in purchase/selling of ships and carries out pre-selling surveys.

The company arranged the purchase of m/v Balkanstar 4, m/v Balkan Future (ex Wira Zamrud), m/v Balkan Trader and fully managed the vessels, participated in the sale: of m/v Balkan Star 1 and in the purchase of m/v Swan, m/v Iskatel, m/v Fugro Navigator.

BSM is an authorized St.Vincent & the Grenadines Flag State Surveyor /www.svg-marad.com/.