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We could be of great help considering one of the six options below:

  • Full Management
  • Technical and Operational Management
  • Operational Management
  • Joint Venture – we are open to discuss a possible partnership with the establishment of a representation/joint venture in Bulgaria.
  • Chartering – we are familiar with the directions/flows and the direct contacts and charterers
  • Agency – in all Bulgarian ports


The Flag State Surveyor is an inspector on behalf of the country with which the vessel is registered (the Flag State). The Flag State role is based on a clear set of guidelines issued by the registering country. On satisfactory completion of any survey, the surveyor makes recommendations to the Flag State. These may be that the vessel has a clean bill of health, or that various defects must be corrected within a given time.

BSM is an authorized St.Vincent & the Grenadines Flag State Surveyor /www.svg-marad.com/.

We also specialized in Yacht Surveys, inspecting a number of smaller vessels that are most often used for pleasure boating (both power and sail). Since using boats for pleasure (or "yachting") is a relatively recent phenomena, having only been widely practiced for the last century or so, Yacht surveying has many unique aspects that are not shared with the more traditional forms of marine surveying described above.


  • Arrange, carry out and supervise class, intermediate, running repairs and dry-docking
  • Negotiate with all Bulgarian Ship Repair Yards and dry docks
  • Maintain ships to meet the requirements of classification society and regulations in force
  • Arrange the issue of valid certificates in order vessels to comply with all international rules and regulations
  • Supply vessels with spare parts worldwide


We arrange P&I, H+M, Crew and Cargo insurance. In case of claim we act accordingly – collect evidence and all relevant documents and vouchers, prepars the case and presens the claim to the insurance company.