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We are a team of highly experienced and educated managers with extensive experience in the sphere of ship management. We all have many years of working for the biggest ship owner in Bulgaria - Navigation Martime Bulgare, starting from our President who was the CEO of Navibulgar for 8 year, and our partners who were respectively the Management coordinator and two of the Fleet Managers.

Our team members are fluent in English, which is a factor for excellent communication skills.

We have the core structure and in a very short time can expand and merge in order to take in a much bigger capacity.

Amongst our key expertises are:

  • Profound knowledge and extensive experience in the sphere of ship-management, ISM/ISPS management and audits, inspections, and repair-works, claims handling and supplies of all kinds;
  • a ready ISM/ISPS system which could be immediately implemented;
  • Experience as DPA and CSO;
  • Monitor the trade performance and financial results of each vessel and the fleet as a whole; Proposing corrective measures for their improvement;
  • negotiate voyage and period charter-parties;
  • Prepare budgets, monitor the daily running costs of the vessels and the financial accounts of the whole fleet;
  • Report to ship-owners. Prepare financial reports for the performance of the vessels managed;
  • Select and approving the crews on board of the ships. Monitor and evaluating their performance;
  • Ascertain with flag administration and classification society all ships certificates are in order.